Build : IOS app

Is it possible to build an application for IOS with App inventor ?

Android app (.apk)
Android app Bundle (.aab)
IOS app (.ipa) ???

No. MIT is still experimenting with the build server for ios. When the build server is released, you will be able to build the app executable. Presently you can use the interpreter (Companion for ios) to test the app on your ios device; but you cannot build yet.


Thank you so much.

if i don't have a mac device i can create an ios app from window scon app inventor?

Please do not double-post. I've replied to your previous post here:

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thanks for your answer so i can't create ios apps and publish on apple store?

Not at this time, no.

Hello Mr. Patton,
When do you think we can compile an AI2 app for ios?
An approximate and realistic proposed date would be sufficient and good.


Well there are three potential targets w.r.t. iOS apps. The first target is a small subset of users via the ad-hoc method of app distribution. The second is the public App Store. The third is enterprise applications for when you have an Enterprise account with Apple.

At the moment, we are testing the ad-hoc functionality with a select subset of users. Eventually we aim to support App Store publication. We don't have yet a timeline for supporting Enterprise distribution.

Quando sarà disponibile? E' possibile supporre entro l'anno 2021?

hello, is there any release forecast to compile for IOS?


Hello Mr. Patton,
Is there any timetable planned to can have a support for App Store publication of the AI2 apps developed?

I think will be good for the current level of the iOS performance for the Ai2 apps to can have the possibility to upload them in the App Store our apps.

Hi Mr. Patton, can we download source for iOS and then build using other method / platform?

Is app inventor still working on this process

What is this process? Several things are discussed in this thread.

MIT are in continual discussions with Apple as to what might be possible.

Sorry, I have no idea. You might search the community.