Bug local and global variable in french

in french there is a bug between the local and global variable

bug app inventor
for exemple in the designer for a slider
when the position change.
the variable display is "position pouce" (thumbposition)
but when you take the block, you have " global pouce"(global thumb)
normally it should be : "position pouce" (thumbposition)

I think I see what happened here. Variable names should not have spaces in them. The correct name here would be positionPouce. If you attempt to create a variable name with a space in it, App Inventor automatically adds an "_" to make the name position_pouce.

The translation to french added a space, and our code doesn't seem to check for that.

Do you see this happening in other blocks?

in french it produce a bug

but in english no mistake

"position pouce" is the automatique name produce by app inventor.
make an app, put the slider, put the block.
then switch from english to french. look at the block.
the bug come from the "global"

This is due to a part of the lexical variable logic that deals with global variables. In particular, only global variables are supposed to have spaces (the keyword "global" plus the variable name). So it's likely a poor interaction with the fact that the translated name didn't follow the camel casing conventions. If we correct the camel casing of the translation it should not trigger the global handling.

how did we fixe the camel casing of the translation ?
thank you

It's probably quickest if @Susan_Lane submits a patch on our end. For general improvements to the App Inventor translations you can sign up at https://weblate.appinventor.mit.edu and send @Susan_Lane a private message with your account and the language you'd like to be able to update.

In general, this is the information about how to become a translator of App Inventor: About Translating App Inventor

As @ewpatton said, this is something we should fix on our end.