[Broken it no longer works. Use a weather api instead] Weather Mate ☁ [free]

Tested on android companion, not returning any results

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I have experienced similar issues. It is recommended to use a weather API instead. I'll write a tutorial for you about implementing a weather API.

yes, had used an android companion.

thanks.appreciate it

Do anyone have an aia file to share, which fetches weather forecast using API key. Since it comes with string of data, I would like to know how to required .extract information.

Here is an easy to use Weather API https://openweathermap.org/

It requires you sign up for a personal key to use the API. They provide a reasonable amount of free usage. API Key
This api requires a free API key to work. Obtain your free key from OpenWeatherMap

You can build something like this using the Web component, the Map and a LocationSensor and the api.

Use the advice in this link Weather app with openweather - #5 by ABG as one way to extract the forecast.

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I also tried this free API which allows me to make 1,000,000 calls every month.

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thank you. appreciate it

Is this extension still working as its not on my app when compiled. Thanks

What exactly does this mean? Extensions usually do not disappear after compiling... please elaborate


Sorry didn't explain myself properly, I meant the extension doesn't work when the apk has been created. I've used it before awhile ago and had no issues till now.

See posts above

Hey Yash Sehgal
Im working on a project for school where I can use your extension.
So I follow a tutorial on YT but it does not work on my smartphone.
Can you help me with it?

The server of this extension is most likely down, or Google has changed something. It is recommended to use an API instead of this extension for now.

okay, how does the API work?

Here is one weather api example

There are other weather api's you can use

recently I developed an AccuWeather extension https://developer.accuweather.com/
if You want to try:
AccuWeather Extension
Best Regards

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That is not called scraping, they are just API calls.

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The API is provided by the service for legitimate access to their data. This has nothing to do with scraping.

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