Bluetooth String receiving {?} problem

I want to receive the same string that I received via serial bluetooth via app inventor.I am encountering such an error. Help me please!

Hello Sezer

More than one issue there. Firstly, the missing characters - you need to ensure that both the Sender and the Receiver (App) are using the same character encoding - by default, App Inventor BLE uses UTF-8 but it can also accept UTF-16.

...and what is sending this string? Can we see it's script to learn how the string is built?

Note, screenshots are not helpful, we need files.

Be aware that in English, words like 'strings' that end in 's' are intended as plural.
In this case, they are lists, not text.

Don't use text blocks on them, just use list blocks like

  • select item n from list
  • for each item in list
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PIC16F1825 sending this string. But I dont have the code on pic. Pic and communication protocol was given only to me.I was asked to develop an application from the app invertor.The data sent from the pic is the one week engine work schedule. I'm sending {i}. I get one week working information as in the 1st photo.

Ok - In the 2nd image, which I assume is the raw data received by the App, there are 24 separate items, but in the 1st image there are 30 separate items.

Not sure why that might be but it looks like the Bluetooth data packet size is too small. The PIC16F1825 does not have integral Bluetooth so there must be a Bluetooth module somewhere :thinking: What we want to know is the MTU (Minimum Transmission Unit) size of that module, so it can be set to match in the App. Currently, the App will default to an MTU of 20 bytes. The maximum can be 244 bytes.

... I don't know how many bytes are being used because

  1. Character format unknown (UTF-8, UTF-16 or ?)
  2. Cannot verify the strings from an image, needs to be a file whose format is the same as the incoming data. Is the first image from an Arduino Serial Monitor?

Try to send little information every two seconds, something like this if it was Arduino (we know that it is not Arduino with Bluetooth).


I m using HM-10 Bt module this project. The first picture is Serial Bluetooth Terminal in play store.

The genuine jinan huamao HM-10 defaults to 20 byte data packets and can't be changed.

So, need to know the character encoding and need a file containing the data sent.