Bluetooth Send Text To Printer issue

  • Tread lightly.
  • See if you are within the free returns deadline for your printer
  • Decide if you are willing to risk the money and time you have invested into the printer
  • Study the tool display and see if you are actually connected to the printer (COM Port? USB Address?)
  • Check the Play Store and the printer maker's web site for alternative Android/BlueTooth based tools referred to in that YouTube video you posted
  • Ask the YouTube video author for the download URL of the tool(s) she used
  • See if one of the tool's options can return some status data from the printer, to get confidence that you are connected. (TEST button?/ Printer Test button?)
  • Play with the big text box and the encoding radio buttons above it to [SEND>>] text to the printer
  • Try to enter appropriate ESC/POS commands and send them to the printer.
  • See if that CharMode pulldown actually generates a command to switch code pages, and see if there is a button to send that command.
  • See if the "USB Printer" radio button under the USB address makes a difference compare to the "USB" radio button.

I have no way to test this program on your printer, so I am throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks.

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I've installed RawBT.apk
and tried to text Russian and print. Its Printing in Russia now how I can connect my App inventor application with RAWBT please help me. :pray:


If it is just you, your printer, and your app, I suggest you try using the Activity Starter component and the technique at the bottom of RawBT: Integration with other android application

You have to match up these values from the sample code to the AI2 component parameters in the Activity Starter help at

I see it's too complicated :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

What do yu think will it work with Russian text if I buy this extention?

I have no idea.

If extensions don't work, post news of that in that extension's thread.

Any way, here is my guess at an Activity Starter call to that app you found ...

Looks as though it's internet dependant?

If RawBT can do it, then the printer is probably compatible with CP866 or CP808. The UTF8 character set includes support for Cyrillic, but printers do not usually support UTF8 directly.

There is an App that comes with the MHT-P10, that is certainly worth running to see if it has any printer settings.


Friends I have an Idea.
What if we convert any text to image and print?
if yes, how we can do ?

The utfmode and utf need to be together in another pair (list).

no result ;(

Two things that say not great:

  1. Native way would be to use a canvas, but it would have to be sized in real time and getting that right is actually quite complicated, especially the print ratio.
  2. The image will be as long as the text obviously, but the printer does not print 'long' continuous images, it has a fixed area for an image.

Did you run the App that comes with the printer?

@ChrisWard I'm trying but still no result.
some people informing this extention it may work but not sure if you have this extention, could you please check for me.
Actually I woud like to make it in an native way (without using extention) but it's to hard for me.

I'm referring to the Milestone App that comes with the printer.......

Sorry I don't know the extension - best person to ask is the extension developer.

I notice that a large number of thermal printer Apps are driven by Epson's ESC/POS API. That actually looks quiet do-able!

Online Reference manual (this page is an example receipt)

Having studied it, ESC/POS does not natively support Russian (supports most 'big' languages except Russian. :frowning_face: )

It could be that Russian can be added. That is for someone else with more time to burn to investigate.

:thinking: :disappointed: there must be way to print RU text

There must be, we have seen it in the video you posted, but your specific printer doesn't support RU by default, so it has to be done via a printer language that it supports. Unfortunately for you, Russia is currently very unpopular around the World, so getting technical help is difficult. Have you tried asking the reseller that you bought the printer from?

I asked they don't have any idea :disappointed:

I guess need help someone who has this extention
tried these encoding

if it'll work I'll buy this extention
and someone need send us .apk to TEST

At least it does support RU. Where did you download it from?

no I dont' downloaded yet. Just I found from community and informing this extention supporting these codepages but we need make sure it's sure working, that's why I need someone who is already using this and test

You probably won't find anyone else using RU. Where is the extension (link please)?