Bluetooth devices doesn't show up in Listpicker

Hy everyone,

The app I'm building has two ListPickers. The ListPickers are placed on different screens. One of them shows me the bluetooth devices that are already paired with my mobile, but the other one doesn't. It seems it recognizes the paired devices, it just doesn't print them on the screen.

Both are configured with the same blocks.

Is there a way to fix this bug?

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BlueTooth doesn't keep connections across screens, which are separate tasks.
Consolidate your BlueTooth work into a single screen, and use multiple Vertical Arrangements instead, only one visible at a time.

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Understood, ABG.

Thanks for the reply.

Just a question. Does it happen even if I have one BluetoothClient on each screen?

Nothing is shared across screens, other than TinyDB.

Hi Lucas

It is far better to work with Virtual Screens, as advised by ABG - in your case, that will reduce your code considerably and no conflicts between BT instances.

AI2 has undocumented copy/paste (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V) features in the Designer.
It doesn't take long to copy whole Arrangements from one Screen to another.
The accompanying blocks ride along.