Bluetooth conection problem/Fail Message in the Browser

It also happens to me, when I try to load an old app that contains the BluetoothClient component, I get the message.
When I click "OK" ("Aceptar"), the application loads and works.

I can build the .apk, install it and it works.

If I Start a new project, and insert the BluetoothClient, I don't get the error message.

But Install App.... Same Error Message

What happens if you Start a new application, and insert a BluetoothClient?

You are right. I looked the Android menu, and the Premission of the App did not enabled. When i allow it, that the app works good.

Sorry for my poor english.

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Same Problem.....:frowning:

It's okay.... I am also can not well speaking english....:frowning: I am also pool english...

Try to add another (new) BluetoothClient component:


Then the error message should no longer appear (at least not for me).

  • Then reload the browser
  • remove the second (new) BluetoothClient component
  • export the aia (remove the project in AI2)
  • and import the exported aia.
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(added to FAQ)

When I open an old app that contains the BluetoothClient component, I get the error message, but the app loads.
If I close it and reopen it, it loads correctly.

Try the reload the browser. Does the app open then without an error message?
So that's not the case for me. However, it works the way I've shown.

I have reloaded the browser, now FireFox, same effect, when I load an old app with BluetoothClient, I get the error message, but the application loads correctly.
If I close the app and reload it, it loads without error.

Yes, and to get NO error at all (not even after restarting the browser or the computer), try the way I've shown.

Yes with your method you can avoid the error even if you reload the browser.

to insert a new BluetoothClient2, in an old app with BT.
Projects / SaveProject
Delete BluetoothClient2
Reload browser.

Do you get the error message?

However, if you install and use the app apk file on your mobile phone, you will receive a warning.
I don't want to go into the settings directly..
but I want to allow the Bluetooth license directly from the app inventory.

the problem still persists. old new doesn't matter. bluetooth client not working in android 12.

Which problem?

See also here:

There are two bugs here that we need to resolve. One is a regression preventing the component from upgrading and the second is an issue with the update of the Bluetooth components to SDK 31. The former should be a quick fix (you can also hand edit the project file to "upgrade" since it is so trivial) but the latter is going to take a bit more work on our end.

Edit: these two issues are now being tracked.

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The issue related to the upgrade message has been fixed in nb190a. The other issue related to permissions is in progress.

The BluetoothClient/BluetoothServer permission issue should be addressed on this temporary test server:

My bluetooth application works well using this test server (I had above mentioned problems before). When will the problems be fixes in the standard server?