Bluetooth and multiscreen

Good morning,
with multiscreen, when I connect via bluetooth and switch to the second screen, how do I transmit the information that I am connected to bluetooth on the second screen?

Bluetooth will disconnect when changing screens. If you want to use bluetooth stably across multiple screens, use arrangements instead of screens.

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sorry, i'm beginner and have same issue.
can you tell detail of ur mean include pict the block.
thanks before.

Use only 1 screen, see also tip 1 here


Dear @Mbraden_Fiber,
in addition to all what the other PU's have already said, in using the "virtual screens" feature, you can also add some nice transition effects by means of a very powerful extension written by @Gordon_Lu ( :+1: :+1: :+1:).
Tha .aia below is an old example that I wrote a lot of time ago....
Hoping it could be of some help.

provafade.aia (1.4 MB)

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