Bluetooth and clock3

Hello everyone, I have such a problem. For example, how to do this: I have a Textbox and I write the word "example" there, and if there are more than 245 characters, then up to 245 I have to send and stop and clock turns on and sends "K" and wait 100 milliseconds then where the 246th character stopped, for example, you need to send further how you can implement this help please,block is wrong

Use an if/then block, testing

if length(TextBox1.Text) > 245
  then ...

thanks, I'll try now

if the length does not combine

The length block has to eat the TextBox1.Text value.

Move it inside the > block.

The if block can only eat the < block.

P.S. Get ready to learn the text segment block after this.

is it correct?


What happened to taking the length of the .Text?

sorry, but it doesn't connect or I don't understand something

The lenght block checks the length of the text, not the length of the comparison block "<". So stick it to the green block of text, not the blue block.

thanks, now also do the clock and change the positive?

....can 245 characters be sent in one go? What is receiving this text string?

I bring everything there and on the display. Only 245 letters can be placed there and a "K" is sent and the display is cleared and then the rest is displayed.

how to implement it please help

The blocks you have shown will send the text correctly, if its length is greater than 245. In the arduino code you need to check if the received data is already long enough, then you show the data on the display.

Try this if label has more than 245 characters then send only 245 and then after 1 sec sends K. If label originaly has more than 245 characters will you send the remaining characters after K was send ?

thank you.yes you are right if more than 245 then after sending "K" the rest must be sent

how can this be implemented?

Wait a couple of minutes :slight_smile:

... that's odd :grin:

Try this, create a procedure that splits label every 245 characters and then when button click add K between items and then every 2 sec sends to arduino 245 characters then K till the remaing characters and final K. Hope that helps. If length is less than 245 characters then sends label as is and then K