Blue stacks not supplying data to Google sheets

Running the app using the emulator in ai2 created the entries on google sheets with the tasks identified, but running it in bluestacks gave rise to entries with no task entered. This is a problem as I don't have an Android phone, and would need to run the apk using my pc. Should I stick to running the app in AI2 emulator even now that I'm ready to "go live".

Thanks Marianne

Well you may want to resolve the issue you are having with Bluestacks, sounds like it is not connecting to the internet in order to access google sheets?

You may want to consider trying Memu Player or Genymotion ?

OOPS! When the fault was mine. When I removed the "tracing" labels I used to test the program was setting up the correct values, I mistakenly left the Task unallocated!

Thanks for answers though.