Blocks gone from blocks editor

I am getting "The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5248688703537152_Screen1 will not be saved" message and I am in panic mode all my app blocks are lost it were more than 1000 blocks now only 500 blocks. It was one month of app development.

Please Help!!

It looks like your project is corrupted. Import your latest backup and restart from there...

Thanks for your solution but I didn't had any back up. After I got the new version of mit app inventor this error started and my blocks vanished. Can you please tell what I can do?

I think this may be related to a bug caused with PasswordBox. There is already a topic reporting this error. You have to wait for a response from the MIT employee.

Thanks. So, I should not do anything to the project until an mit employee replies to the following topic: A problem occurred while loading this project. No upgrade strategy exists for PasswordTextBox from version 4 to 5

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Yes. I don't know if it's a mistake or intentional. So better wait.

Okay. Thanks for your valuable time :pray:t2:


Thanks but still I am getting that same error and my blocks are gone. It would be grateful if someone is able to get my code back. I have attached my project's aia file
Notes.aia (384.3 KB)

Try this one Notes.aia (397.0 KB), error is gone but you would have to check your blocks..

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Thank you. I got all my blocks back. Thanks :pray:t2:

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