Blocks area did not load properly

My code previously ran smoothly, but when I reloaded a warning like that appeared, I've tried everything to solve it, but the result still doesn't change. The block that I changed was not saved and changed itself by deleting several parts, which resulted in an error

Hi Gede,

Your project is corrupted. In most cases it is not the fault of the user but of the system. You can try switching to another browser (Firefox is the most recommended browser for App Inventor, next Chrome), but if that doesn't work, people need to run a surgery on your project.

Please upload an AIA copy of your project here, or you can privately send me the project if there's sensitive information inside.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.


Or you may follow one or both methods to solve it yourself..


Thank you for helping me.. i can't fixed by myself
Calculator.aia (106.5 KB)

i just change my aia file to zip file and unzip it, but i didn't find the block problem

but why firefox is the most recommended for mit app?

Here you go Calculator.aia (106.4 KB)


That was quick ...

I was about to post my solution, which is that a weird DelayHandler component somehow exists in your project. There are no blocks inside it, so we can remove it and no harm will be done.

    <block id="=Z1amB5m!{|[5;-4X9TF" type="component_event" x="2613" y="351">
        <mutation component_type="DelayHandler" event_name="AfterDelay" instance_name="song_op" is_generic="false" vertical_parameters="true"/>
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thank you!

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