Edit an application using a Text Editor. Notepad++ (Windows). Winzip. Screen1.bky. Geany in LINUX

This idea has appeared several times in this Community, it is about modifying the .aia file using a Text Editor.

Let's see how we can configure the Notepad++ Text Editor (Windows) to modify our application.

REMEMBER that it is ALWAYS a good idea to have backup copies of your projects (.aia files) saved on your PC.


1.- Configure Notepad++ to edit XML files. Pretty XML.

  • We downloaded the Notepad++ text editor for Windows from...


  • We set it up to edit XML files.

Plugins / Plugins Admin...

Install / XML Tools


Read .bky files as XML

Settings / Style Configurator...

Pretty XML

Plugins / XML Tools / Pretty print

2.- Export project (.aia) to my computer. Open .aia with Winzip.


Extract Screen1.bky

Open Screen1.bky with Notepad++


Show Pretty.

We edit the .bky file with Notepad++

Now drag file Screen1.bky to Winzip

We have the modified Screen1.bky file in our application.

We change the name of the application, example p127M_Editor_2.aia and upload it to our App Inventor.

On Linux, Windows and MacOS you could use Geany

after installing this plugin.


and Chromebooks (with linux enabled)

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