Blocks area did not load properly!

Yesterday my app was working properly but today when I tried to go in the block area i got the error “The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6730831468560384_Screen1 will not be saved.” I’ve also tried two backups from yesterday but neither of them seems like to work. I successifully managed to load a two days old backup but redoing everything I did yesterday would be very time consuming. Please, I’m in your hands.

Sounds as though this is related to another Topic of similar issue:

Habe das gleiche Problem, kann keine bestehenden Projekte laden. Kann zwar neue Projekte erstellen aber die ganze bisherige Arbeit ist nicht mehr verwendbar :frowning:

Hi Christopher,

Yes, I have posted to a similar topic previously. Susan Rati Lane advised that I should start a new topic since the previous topic was labelled as resolved.

I hope that you can help me. If you need to look at my projects, that would be great.


Hi everyone,

We need permission to access your projects in your account. If you let me know your account and project name we can look into it.

wohin darf ich ihnen die aia Datei schicken? LG

als PM an @ewpatton , siehe auch hier wie das geht


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You have permission to look into project named Fusion_Jan28 and all others starting with “Fusion” my account is