The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen ?_Screen1 will not be saved

yesterday, I made program about gyroscope and accelerometer control. My program was good working.
But today when open my file app inventor show me this error.
The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6587661401325568_Screen1 will not be saved

when I open other good program same status. Also all programs don’t show my blocks.
I make new program and I built new blocks and save it . when open new file everything ok.
Please help me . How can I work old my good programs.


My blocks lost for my old programs (I saw this problem today. My programs was working yesterday)
. How can I do. I built new program . new program is good working.

What happens if you upload your backup aia project file for the project with a problem ?

import aia from backup . but same status. I tried import old file. ( made before 3-5 months ago. ) this file is open normal. all the blocks are good show.
last program is problem. I import this program and I built new blocks but not saved.
I made this program start date 03.02.2020 and finish 04.02.2020 houe 03:00 am. May be error this update time. after this error I call same program before version . I show this error. before version. yesterday was working good.

Hello şafak
Does that Project have the BLE extension?

No ble extension. Only gyroscope control and accelerometer control program. I don’t use any extensions for this program

Hmm. Perhaps an Anti-Virus program is corrupting the file during the course of checking it?

I will assign your Topic to MIT, see what they see server-side.

I checked my virus program. don’t have any changed info. Also yesterday night I tried my program work. I had backup before close my computer. I close my computer and reopen today morning . First job is open app inventor and my program because I want to change something. But I saw error line.
Thanks for interested for my problem. I made new one Now is ok.
I hope nobody was affected by me.

I’m glad you found the answer!

Never worry about asking questions, even if you’re the one to find the answer.

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Would it be okay if we look at the program in your account? We did do a release last night and if for some reason it adversely is affecting your ability to load apps I’d like us to make sure that it’s not a new bug in App Inventor.

I am having the same issue. I am receiving the blocks didn’t load completely error message for a project that was working without issue yesterday (Feb 3). Creating new projects by importing .aia files created between a month and several days ago result in the same error message.

I am still experiencing the same issue today - after the announced fix for FirebaseDB and CloudDB.
Anyone have any idea about blocks not loading properly error??

Since this thread was marked resolved, you’re better off creating a new thread with your problem. It may not have the same cause as the original poster.

You can look my program in my account. no problem. if you want you can this. But this are program is on recycle box must be.

Die letzte Veröffentlichung macht massive Probleme, gibt es noch immer keine Lösung? Ich sollte dringend an einem Projekt weiterarbeiten, aber fast alle Blöcke sind verschwunden :-((

This issue was marked resolved. If you’re having major problems with the new release, please create a new post on the forum and describe your problem.

I know that we did find an issue with eGuru’s project, and we are releasing a fix. We need permission to look at your project to see if it is the same issue.

For those still having this issue as of 2020-02-12, please see this post:

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Today I loaded my problem program to testing site. Everything OK in this test site.
But I loaded this program to real mit app site again.
This program give block error again. ( Error is : The blocks area did
not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen
6694392831803392_Screen1 will not be saved. )

You will keep getting that error until we do the next release, which includes the bugfix on ai2-test. We’ll make an announcement went the release goes out so that you know it is okay to use ai2 again.

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