BLE how to read several different characteristics

I fail to read on my smartphone several values (4 integers) sent from my BTE Arduino (33IoT).
I digged into the different discussions, and it appears that this is a common concern. However I still don't have the solution to my concern !
Can you help me solving this point ?
thanks !

To be more precise with my concern :
I am generating 4 integers in my Arduino every ~1sec. These 4 integers are sent through bluetouth LE : each of the intergers are supported by one separate characteristic of one service.
I checked with 'nRF Connect' that the four integers are properly sent : that works !
However, I don't know how to read these integers in app inventor : my concern is that the only fourth integer is recognized, not the other ones.
Can someone help me ?
thanks !

Have you tried multiple BLE components, each registered to listen to a different UUID?

Search this board for FAQ BLE

Well, I digged into the examples, but I failed to find the answer to my question. Can you please be more precise in where to go ? isn't there an example already existing ?
On internet, I found a way around the problem, by creating a string in the Arduino sketch that includes all the information needed. In that case, only one characteristic is needed.
But I would have preferred to find the solution with app inventor to collect several characteristics ...
thank you

I'm still investigating the web in order to find the solution. I have found the following link, which should have answered my point :

However, the solution proposed is not working for me ! ... why ???
Some idea ?

I found the concern :
I recorded the UUID inside the app in capital letters, while that should have been done in lowercase letters.
Subject closed.

In case that would help someone, I leave my contribution, shortened for the example

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