[BETA | FREE | DISCONTINUED] 💡 NEXT - Extension IDE for App Inventor

I know, Rush, revolutionary extension build tool exists. But my IDE is more than just a build tool. You can modify and create code and files directly from NEXT.

Check out my latest project. NEXT (formerly AEX)!

It is an IDE which allows you to create App Inventor extensions but does not let you decompile, because decompiling is unethical.

Latest version

v1.0b3.2 (C | B)

C -- Coming
R -- Released
B -- Beta
A -- Alpha
F -- Final
U -- Unknown

(please note the topic editors that no more than 2 letter tags for the version can be used)
Example: v1.0b3.5 (C | B) can be used, but v10.b3.5 (C | B | F) cannot be used.

(Commercial Made by Me)

PLEASE watch this video before installing the IDE.

(should contain some of the steps for configuring, video credit: @Aarush_Kumar)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Why do I get this error message?


It is because you might have not met these requirements

  • Java JDK 1.8
  • Apache Ant 1.10.1 or 1.10.6
  • Path of JAVA is incorrect.
  • You haven't set up the ACOM64 service.

  1. Dark Mode does not work

Reported by @SHUBHAMR69

Dark Mode Code has certain problems. Beta 3 will have it fixed.

  1. Many buttons, options, and links don't work

Again, Beta 3 will have them fixed.


Download 1: NEXT setup only
Download 2: Java Downloads | Oracle, Index of /dist/ant/binaries (download 1.10.1)

PM me if you want to get the product key otherwise it will be leaked.

App Inventor icon is temporary, Icon is removed in Beta 3.1

The N logo is created by me and reviewed by @SHUBHAMR69.
You can tell me what to improve here by replying or go here AyProductions-Team/NEXT · Discussions · GitHub

For bugs you may feedback through IDE, better reply instead.


NEXT became open-source!


To translate, you can type the text to translate and reply it here or at the Discussions page.

I uploaded the beta version because I want improvements from you.

Mac version is coming soon! (We can't test these until we successfully install MacOS)

Linux version is currently under tests.

I am not very good at writing descriptions. Also, I have not made this to compete with the latest no-code tool, it only came from my head. The actual founder of this is @SHUBHAMR69.

Thank you.


It would be useful to show how you actually create and build an extension with this ? (edited)


Why can't I compile any of my projects, even if they work in Niotron IDE? I installed everything needed.


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Will show it :slight_smile:

Open the IDE and click on the settings icon. Set the extension template path and compile it once again.

It runs the command 'ant extensions'.

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@gordonlu310 did it work?

It had the compilation problem since I was developing. I am having some problems figuring it out.

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Hmm perhaps, are you sure if it is an ide? does it have a code editor, error marking, autocompletions ?


Integrated Development Environment

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coming soon.

this is a beta 2 version.

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Are you sure this is a code editor? where is syntax highlighting :slightly_smiling_face:

PS : Projects are not saved too


Not quite. :slight_smile:

I am aware of that, and also the “New Project” hyperlink does not work too. Maybe you can fix it?


based on totally different language. I don't think @Know_About_IT can fix it.

From the FAQ

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whats the error

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I accidentally put JavaScript syntax. The JAVA syntax is lost. Have to recreate it which is going to take 2 days.

NEXT is the IDE name. Beta 2 does not have that for random reason.

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This is my first TRUE experience in programming in VB. CType() in the IDE code might be causing the problem.


Save code is the same problem.

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That ‘you’ refers to you. :slight_smile:


Ah I see, have not understood then.

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Auto Completion is almost ready!


Do you mean saved project does not show in Recent projects menu?

after i fixed the save bug, everything went haywire.

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If anyone wants to translate in these languages please reply:


will add more languages soon.

What to do when there are no tabs ??

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Add kotlin support like rush

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Thank you, but I don't understand how Kotlin works, can you please explain it? :slight_smile:

I hope you make real extensions now.

Please explain about kotlin.