[BETA | FREE | DISCONTINUED] 💡 NEXT - Extension IDE for App Inventor

First look at the translations

(translated by myself)

What do you think?


There are some translation errors. The third one should be 简体中文, and the fourth one should be 繁體中文 to be clear, because the last one in your version means "traditional China". But I am quite impressed on your work. :slight_smile:


Actually I used Google Translate. Thanks for the help!!

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Big Update!

(beta 3.0)

Change log:

  • Many buttons, links, etc. were fixed.
  • The icon isn't still changed, my designer @SHUBHAMR69 is still working on it!
  • Few design changes
  • Translations (only one language functional, but incomplete, others languages are currently being worked on!)
  • Autocomplete is finally added! It was the feature everybody wanted!
    = Syntax highlighting coming soon!



GitHub Repository Direct Download: https://github.com/AyProductions-Team/NEXT/releases/download/v1.0b3.0/NEXT_Setup.exe

Please reply if any issue :slight_smile:


Dark Mode bug is planned to be fixed in beta 3.2

I will add the new file download link tomorrow evening.

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Are you able to compile the extensions in beta 3.0 ?

Can you replace the direct link with the github repo homepage :sweat_smile: It would be better that way.

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Ok. Will change. :slight_smile:

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How to add external deps?

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(post deleted by AyProductions)

Guide for this IDE is coming soon because I am working on another software.

Not for App Inventor, for AskVG.

@JEWEL you might want to follow this guide until I find an easier way.

(Guide credit: @preetvadaliya)

wait you are saying you want to show the tutorial? because you have written I instead of It.


I should have been It, now edited.

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OK :slight_smile: Should I make it open-source? (programmed with Visual Basic .NET)

@Gordon_Lu, @Kumaraswamy, @Know_About_IT what do you all think? because you all are programming geniuses...

We are now on YouTube!

Make sure to like and comment!

Tutorials for this IDE will be uploaded there.

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Yeah why not :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you think about Dark Mode? Please submit color palette hex or RGB color code here.

Hmm. Can you post a tutorial on how to create a basic extension on Next? It would be helpful.


Good thing I am done with my other software! Posting the tutorial soon!