Beginners question how to use variables

I am quite new with MIT App Inventor since today.
Some tests with doing things on klicking buttons have been successful.

Now I want to calculate something.

I have 2 input text field ans one for the calculated output.
I try to get the value of one field to set a variable.

After use the value with math I wanna set the out put text field to this var.

I don't know why but it does not work.

Thanks for help

Oh btw.

set Pulse100.Text to "test"

(simple text) works well

You used component blocks, where you should have used component.Text blocks.

Your global variables set to components are only usable if your are going to be doing advanced component juggling, with multiple components.

Get rid of them, and use component.Text blocks directly in your pph formula.


thanks for your reply.
Can you describe a little closer how to use component text blocks?


Some good snippets and tutorials

Tutorials for MIT App Inventor

I fell into that global initialize trap then realized that would not provide new input to the formula.

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Hi all,

I got it working last night this way ...

I know, I am not using vars ... but it this case I don't need!?
Any concerns?


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Not at all

When programming,
less is better.