Basic Tutorial Needed for Cloud Data Storage

I am a teacher working with middle-school aged kids. We are working on an app that is a combination of the mapping activity and the clouddb activity where we track where hand sanitizer is based on user feedback. It would need to have a google sheet (or some other storage) where the addresses of all of the local supermarkets are and two columns to track how many users say yes and how many say no. Setting up the input and output from the file is a basic operation, but not quite so easy when it is something on the cloud.

Any help to get started?

For ideas, perhaps try:

and the National Park tutorial

and an example by Tim Redirecting to Google Groups using the MIT Map component along with a GoogleSheet hosted on your GoogleDrive.

to get you started Neil. These articles address some, but not all, the issues you mentioned. What you guys do will be a synthesis. What have you tried. Once you get started, return here and someone will probably provide specific advice.