Bad arguments to +

What does this mean?


as the error message is trying to tell you: you are using the add operation and are trying to add the text score + 1... it only makes sense to add numeric values, for example 1 + 1
in case you are using textboxes one solution is to initialize both textboxes with 0 and set the NumericOnly property to true
or before adding 2 values check, if both are numeric
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This is what I have what do I have to do?

Here, change from score.text to scorenumber.text


set the value of the Score textbox in the designer to 0 rather then score...
EDIT: follow @Patryk_F's advice... you picked the wrong label or textbox...

Like this?

Try it out. In the previous label you had the word "score", and you can't add 1 to the text "score".

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