Background Tasks extension [3.8 A] 🥳

TestAppModified.aia (390.0 KB)

Hi sorry for posting the AIA file again and again. Can you please test this one? I have did one change.

Ok I am waiting

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i installed the apk, but i can't open the app, because it keeps breaking.

Do you mean it's crashing?

Yes exactly !!

Hi, there is a button called "Logs" can you click on that and share the logs at txt file?

do you share the .aia file?

no because I just can't open the app .. it crashes immediately

I did not have a crash but it looks like my extension doesn't supports the firebase component.

Developers could try with the accessing firebase with the web component?
Firebase with a Web Component

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what a pity .. do you think there is any possibility of receiving push notifications even in the background, depending on the value received from firebase?

Yes its possible. But we will need to create a custom extension for that :sweat_smile:.


Thanks for this extension. It even works for video recording in background !
I wish to control the record in background through voice (speach recognition) to start and stop the camera. The point is the microphone is not available due to the video recording. Is that possible in the next release to have the microphone still available when the video recording is working background ?

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Hi Vincent can you please explain more? :thinking:

Add some more thing like, when firebase database any data change we can get value and show it in the notification (but in background).


Ok, we will be waiting for this.

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Hi app helper. Currently it looks not posible to use Firebase with my extension. I have some doubts why it's not working. I am working on the update of the extension.


Ok ok Ok, we will be waiting for your next update. by the way, you did a great job.

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My purpose is (with my app in foreground) when I say "start", the camera switch on and when I say "stop", the camera switch off. My problem is, the microphone is not available for the speech recognition because it is monopolysed by the video recording (sound).
I wonder if your extension can allow the microphone to work both with the app in foreground (speech recognition) and with the sound recording for the video in background ?
NB : video record in background allready works.

I am not sure it will work with the extension.