Background Tasks extension [3.8 A] 🥳

Also be aware of the restrictions on Xiaomi devices, follow this article:

Turn on Autostart and you may remove battery-restrictions (in case for long term process) both from the App settings.

as always you were right ... the ids were different only the order of the function calls was wrong

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hello, since you have been so kind maybe you can help me ...
can I interrograte a clouddb in background?
let me explain ... in the cloud db I have a list of news. In background (with a time interval) I would like to count the number of news and compare it to the local variable, if it is greater, send a notification.
it's possible?
with clock component it only works with running application.
thank you

I haven't used CloudDB before, this will be a good example to show.
Anyway, is it be okay for you to show the example with Firebase instead?

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i have never used firebase ... i can prepare it and publish blocks

here it is with firebase ... it's exactly the same as cloud db.
this obviously only works if the app is open

I will try to reply with an example soon as I complete my work. :grinning:


you are very kind. thank you very much

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Congratulations sir for all the work you do. It is possible to present a design of how it should be done so that it works with the location sensor.

I have web1 to send data to my server.

Thanks for your kind help.

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Yeah, you can use the location sensor component to do that.

Tasks 3.7 :watermelon:

Minor bug fixes

  • Improved event handling
    Components like the PhoneCall component of the AnsweredCall event's phone number was null sometimes.
    The extension couldn't handle it although the value is not used. This is now fixed

  • Fixed service start issue on older devices (ref this post)

Download extension: com.kumaraswamy.tasks.aix (467.6 KB)


hello, surely you will be very busy and I don't want to bother you too much.
i am waiting for the example to check length of the list on firebase ... if you tell me which block would be to use i could try it myself ... thanks

I could not set up both of them actually, anyway I am linking to the old post of mine that demonstrates showing a new notification when there is a new value-added in airtable, you can check that out, doing with firebase will be difficult and will only involve using the ExtraFunction block with Java codes that pretty much no one will understand.

ok I thank you, I'll try

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Im begginer user. I did mi First app with my favorite shoutcast radio Player. Work Great, but after 2,3 minutest suddenly stop - break sound. Do you have any solution?

Best Regards

I don't find a way to fix that, I suggest you use the foreground task instead because it's rarely killed by the system, some devices like Samsung running Android 8 also kills foreground tasks, try removing the battery optimization, restrictions.

At last, there is no proper solution at the developer end.

Streaming radio? Yes, this happens to developers attempting to stream audio. There are several explanations ranging from the Screen going to sleep to features of the Android versions automatically cutting off to preserve the battery. The main reason is the Android system was not designed for continuous streaming. There are work around band-aids some of which are discussed .

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How we create timer for 24 hours with this extension

Make use of the Alarm feature in the extension.

How to use I do not know