Background Tasks extension [3.8 A] by KUMARASWAMY_B.G

Hi, I'm doing an app where it needs to send an alarm and notification even the app is closed and the phone screen is off or the phone is just rebooted. Is Background Tasks Extension by KUMARASWAMY_B.G could help? Or is there an extension that could help me more? (it could really helped me more if it is free ^^")

So the app will check first if there is a date that is set today, for example the watering of the plants is set today, so the notification and alarm will pop up every hour starting at 8am not until a button has been clicked.

Thanks in advance!

I can offer the alarmmanager extension... sorry, it is not free...


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Hello, I was wondering if this extension came with a freebie, such as a sample or guide aia file, if I purchased it. ^^"

All my free and paid extensions come with detailed documentation and one or more example projects...

For the alarmmanager extension you get

  • the general example app to test all features
  • the multiple alarm example
  • the autostart example
  • the picture of the day example app