Background task

I am building a app that can send messages in background. I'm trying with extension Itoo. But the Itoo uses procedure

and i am using Clock component, so i can't make it to do by procedure. And i have no idea about it. I should not use clock? Or is there is a way to do it? I need some help of it.
Here is the AIA file:
Sendchat.aia (726.9 KB)

Hi, what type of messages exactly?

It is a message that the user input. Whatever the user inputs.
I wander how to send the message in background. At the time that user inputted. It is Year/Month/Day/Hour/Miniute form.

Can you show us the relevant parts of block that you want to run n background?

Here it is.

Hi, did you attempt to run them in background?

I would recommend you to take a look into this section of the Itoo topic:

You can also go through the full post, there are various examples to run an application in background. You can try it and slowly start porting your blocks into background.

If you are stuck, we are here to assist you.

oh. i'll take a look at it. I'll tell you when i'm stuck. Thank you

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I have a problem. My codes use Clock component to check the times, so it could send at inputted time. But the code need procedure.

As you see, i can't make this code to procedure. I am literally stuck for this part. Can you provide me a advise?

You just drag the if condition and the blocks inside it into the procedure.

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Does it can check the time?
I am wondering it can

Hmm, you are trying to port the whole code immediately. I would suggest you to first play around with the Itoo extension, make small background tasks and understand how everything works before you port the required code.

Play around with them, this section:

Sure. I would try that.

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You are using global variables and user interface components, which do not exist in the background

Follow the guidelines from the first post in the itoo thread