Background Operation Issue with App Inventor

Hello App Inventor community,

I have developed an application and I need your help with a specific issue I'm encountering. My application is designed to record the time and phone number of incoming calls into a server-based database. My primary goal is to enable a restaurant owner to view incoming calls.

The current problem I'm facing is that the application only works when the screen is active. When the application is closed in the background, it fails to record incoming calls into the database. Can you suggest a solution for enabling the application to work in the background? How can I address such an issue with App Inventor?

I need your assistance in resolving this particular issue, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experiences and suggestions.

Thank you.

Yes , to work with background events you need an extension like this :point_right:t2: EXTENSION

For examples or questions refer to the extension's post

Thank you for your interest. but I don't know at which stage to use this extension.

Me too :sweat_smile: I don't know your app and I can't study all your code to learn how it works.
Start to learn extension and how it works, then try some code and then show it so people can help you or fix it.

Probably you have a code to detect the call , with this extension (I used it very long time ago) you can create a background process that works also with app closed . In this process you have to add the code to detect the call

You will not be able to understand this in only 30 minutes

Read the complete thread and try the several examples you can find there to learn how to work with the extension

See also this tutorial, which uses itoo Battery checker reminding you to unplug when fully charged

Then try to put some blocks together using the extension for your task

And if you got stuck, then ask in the itoo thread and provide a screenshot of what you tried there


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If you have an issue, then post in the corresponding thread and provide more information about what exactly you are doing. Also whoch device and Android version are you using for your test.

Probably yes, but without you trying something we will not know