Ayuda, tinyDB a Spreadsheets

Saludos a toda la comunidad, vengo solicitando su ayuda para resolver mi problema, estoy creando una app personal para guardar datos a google sheets, he seguido los pasos de algunos usuarios y no resuelvo, cuando doy clic en el botón guardar todo va bien, me guarda los datos a tinyDB y me los muestra en la tabla, pero cuando doy clic en el botón enviar no me envía los datos a google sheets, subo imagen de los bloques que estoy usando tal vez alguien me pueda ayudar, muchas gracias

This looks wrong

Can you convert your blocks to English so we can see what you are doing ?

I do not see a web1.url block ?

Yes, sorry, here are the blocks in Englis
If you like I can share the aia file, I only have 3 screens configured at the moment,


Probably easier to send all the list data in one call ?

Hello TIM, I still have not been able to solve my problem, I share my aia file, and the script that I am using, I hope you can see the error I am making, the main idea is to save in the tinyDB and show me the table, that's it until then Well, (btnSave) and (btnSend) should send the saved data to the spreadsheet, but it doesn't send anything, it just sends me the notification.
Thanks in advance, I hope to solve it soon

CandyMielDC.aia (7.6 MB)

This is the script I am using

function doGet(e) {

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById("1p-9nKo99Oa3Mvb4IfY4LAtLAmK3ewEfUqUm7D99LEos");
var sh = ss.getSheetByName("Test2")

var FECHA = e.parameter.FECHA;
var APIARIO = e.parameter.APIARIO;
var COLMENAS = e.parameter.COLMENAS;
var ALZAS = e.parameter.ALZAS;
var CAMENCIM= e.parameter.CAMENCIM;
var HUERFANAS = e.parameter.HUERFANAS;
var FALTA = e.parameter.FALTA;
var MIEL = e.parameter.MIEL;
var PORCENTAJE = e.parameter.PORCENTAJE;

return ContentService.createTextOutput("Success")

On reviewing your blocks, it seems that you will keep adding the same data over and over again?

When you create a new record, save just that record to your list, tinydb and spreadsheet at the same time.

Thanks for responding, any example of how to do it? I will capture the data in the mountains and there sometimes there is no network, for that reason I want to save the data to tinyDB and later to the spreadsheet, following your suggestion, could you show me where I should make my block change, please, thank you very much by the attention

There is a recent topic all about this. I will have to find it...

See here:

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