Data not uploading to google sheet after building .apk

I had barcode scanner project. Its to work when offline if no good range too. when i test same in AI Companion it works and data is uploaded. when I create apk. and try to do same it will not upload in google sheet. Please suggest if am doing something wrong.

Try removing the net connected test from your button click (and the when net connected event)

Does it work then ?

@TIMAI2 i tried then offline its not work. please suggest what to do

whole purpose to let scan work where weak neatwork and support for data and when online then it to upload the data to google sheet.. when removed the net connect test then without net it not working

Did it work without the net connected blocks (set data to the google sheet)? I understand what you want to do, but you need to debug your app to find out why it does not work when compiled.

Yes it work data goes to google sheet. but when i tried to switch off data then scan 3 -4 codes then reconnect then that data does not upload. also some error msg come after offline scan too.

and that error message is ?


Why do you have this in your next procedure:

and then call another PostText with items from a list ?

may am wrong. i thought to send data from storage to online to same cell.
i think i totally messed up.

can u please suggest what should be done

Please share your aia project, we can take a look at it and offer some modifications.

tinybtrail.aia (749.4 KB)

@TIMAI2 please check Screen1

Try this (not tested):

tinybtrail_revised.aia (749.4 KB)

After a scan will send data if there is a network, if not saves to the unsaved list

The net connected event will first the next procedure.

If the network goes out during the next upload procedure then it stops.

A progress dialog is used to prevent other interaction with app.

So i tried.
while net on it work. when offline then same error and after online data do not upload.
but some msg.. may be concern to or not, not sure. please suggest.

Shouldn't this POST

look like to this other one?

help me

Ah yes, was in too much of a hurry.

Modify your postText in the next procedure to this ?

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Thanks @TIMAI2 . Still it does not work.
In AI companion it works now very proper
when i create app apk. After scanning it shows only "net disconnected during upload, item added to list" msg and no data upload even online of when scan in offline and become online no data upload.
So when APK. done it does not work.