Awesome Dancing with AI Tutorial

Hello Good evening I wanted to see if someone could help me how to make the codes that come in the expand app section of the project where an artificial intelligence called Awesome Dancing with AI Tutorial:

  • Currently if you maintain a certain dance move, the Dance Score keeps going up. Add some smart code to make sure that a given dance move is rewarded only once until a new dance move is observed.
  • Create a penalty system that subtracts from the Dance Score for poorly executed basic dance moves (for example, if the dancer makes almost a T-Pose move but not quite due to non-horizontal stretching of the arms, forming a pose like the letter Y instead of the letter T, etc.)
  • Imagine a Yoga version of this app where different Yoga postures are detected and correct postures are rewarded.
  • What other more hip dance moves can you think of that can be described and quantified in terms of the key points of the body? Implement these ideas in your app.

Welcome Jose.

  • It would help if you provided a link to
  • what this community has discussed about Awesome Dancing is here AI Component - Posenet aix file. The link might help you but more so others who would like to link to the AD tutorials.

You need code to identify a condition. Programming Your App to Make Decisions will help you with that. What have you tried?

More difficult than limiting points. You will have to establish your own criteria. The app is only as smart as what you code.

Hello Steve, good morning, here is my project in which I followed all the steps mentioned by mit app inventor but when I get to the part of expanding the app, I don't know what to do, can you help me to code some of the points of the part of expanding the app?

Link of the app:

Sorry, I can not.

  • the link you posted is only usable by you (others cannot access your Project this way). Post the Project aia and / or an image of your Blocks to share the code. Someone might look at it and provide specific advice.
  • I do not know know what the imbedded tutorial recommends regarding the points of the part of expanding the app. Can you post the instructions?
  • if you wait, perhaps someone who has done the tutorial will join the conversation and make specific recommendations.

Thank you for your answer. @JOSE_PEREZ-SALAZAR
But what I want is not a tutorial project aia file,
I want a posenet aix (ver 20201209).

It is very difficult to conduct classes as a tutorial project to create a new app using posenet. Students have to delete the components that have already been placed.

That's why I wanted aix file.

Is there any plan to change to the latest version of aix file on the site? @SteveJG

Sorry, I don't know. This is up to MIT. They have the aix.

@ewpatton could you please help Jose?

While waiting to see if MIT can provide the latest aix you can clean up the example getting rid of everything except the extension, then rename it . I am not aware of anyway to extract the aix from an aia.

This is not difficult. It takes about five minutes Deleting references to the tutorial is just a matter of deleting the TutorialUrL AIDance and all the Blocks.
tutorialURL .
Once you do reconstruct the Project, save the 'empty' aia with a new name ( Projects>Save project as ..); then give the aia a new name and distribute the new aia to your students. This is not difficult. :slight_smile:
Good luck with your teaching .

CleanAIDance_Starter.aia (4.8 MB)

Unzip the aia file
Browse to assets/external_comps
Extract the folder of the extension to your computer
Create a new zip file, name it the same as the extracted folder, and put the folder in it
rename the zip extension to aix

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Thanks. Followed procedure and first attempt failed/

Unfortunately the aia created is not working with the AIDance_Starter.aia for me and externalComps

Perhaps a more explicit example?

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