AI Component - Posenet aix file

Hello, I'm inquiring about the aix file on POSNET. :grinning:

It seems that the version of the POSENET component provided by "Awesome Dancing with AI Tutorial" and the POSENET component provided by the extensions site are different.
(extensions site:

POSENET components provided by "Awesome Dancing with AI Tutorial" have more blocks and attributes, so it seems to be the latest version.

I would like to receive the aix file provided by the tutorial. Does anyone know how to do it?

Welcome @zzang

The tutorial is Awesome Dancing with AI Tutorial

The tutorial appears to have the latest aix included ( version 20201209 is included. The MIT extensions page has version 202000226) Perhaps MIT can help you get the latest aix. Can you help @ewpatton ?

Until you get a response, just use the tutorial.


Thank you @SteveJG
I look forward to your message @ewpatton

and I look forward to changing the aix file on the extension site for my students as soon as possible

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