Automation with mit app inventor

My question is whether it is possible to automate a process in my app in MIT app inventor. For example, it has a function to activate and deactivate an LED according to the chosen time. So it should turn the light on and off following the appointment list automatically, is this possible? how to make

Hello again,

As we have already mentioned in other topics you have opened for the same, if you want the app to run in the background you need an extension:

You have some examples/extensions in the community related to this (alarms in background):

Beyond this, if you have a specific problem with the development of your app, show your relevant blocks, indicate the problem you have and other users will try to help you.

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Oi mas temo como fazer funcionar automatizar essa função

E possível fazer o bluetooth ficar conectado em todas as telas do app

For Bluetooth you could use

  1. only one screen and several virtual screens without reconnecting Bluetooth, or
  2. several screens and reconnecting after switching screens

For 1) see also tip 1 here General Tips and Tricks for App Inventor


Como faço isso?