Automatic update for emulator using aiStarter?

to use emulator in in "" you need to install aistarter first.
after that you follow the instructions which contain the initializing update process.
for my lap that have 30 devices the initializing downloading process is stock

If you kindly please contact me if you find a solution

How long have you waited to initialize download?

What do you mean? 30 laptops or 30 aiStarter programs?

more than two hours

Strange to see that it has initialized download for more than 2 hours. In my case, 2 minutes.

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there 30 PC in the lap and all of them stock in the initiating download process

Strange. My current Windows 10, my former Windows 7, and both my teacher's MacBook and Windows 10 are all working properly.

What device brand are you using? (e.g. Mac? Windows? Linux?)

the operating system is windows 10

I have never encountered this error before. The aiStarter was built years ago, and it was used by many people. I trust it, but now I'm thinking if there are bugs in it.

this the code from aiStarter when the emulator is stock

before the last update it works properly in the same setting for months
but with the last update the problem start to occur

I see the same version number (2.62) in and, so the Companion in should update for you, if there is a problem getting to the code server.