Auto-start your App Inventor and AI2 Emulator on Windows

This is a video tutorial:

For certain systems blocking Batch files or other problems:
Download and install this setup: AI2 BUNDLE SETUP.exe - Google Drive

Hi there, do you want to auto-start Emulator and App inventor? This tutorial is for you then!

What does it do?

It opens the AI2 emulator and App Inventor at startup, so you do not have to open it for yourself

The script used in the video (.bat Batch File):

@echo off
start "C:\Program Files (x86)\AppInventor\aiStarter.exe"
start /MAX

If you are not interested in writing the code, just download the code: StarterScript.bat

Startup folder: shell:startup\ The forward slash ( \ ) is used to indicate that it is a directory (folder).

This is also possible with offline App Inventor

The black screen is the UAC (User Account Control, Not captured by OBS Screen Recorder).

For Linux users, their guide will be coming soon!

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Thank you!

Further improvements are always welcome!

No video visible. I unlist this for now.

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Means the video is not playing when you click play?

You do not need to highlight small mistakes that you can understand.


Now did the Batch autostart work for you?

No, nothing happened.

In which path did you copy the folder? In shell:common startup\?

Exactly the same in the tutorial. Nothing happened.

Copy it in the shell:startup\ folder

I did it. Nothing happened, exactly what it was before the autostarting.

Alright, now you have to restart your PC. then it will load otherwise it won't

I told you, after restarting, nothing happened!

At least the App Inventor website opens?

It opens, exactly what it used to be before. Windows 10 have operating differences.

So only the emulator does not open, right?

The emulator, along with the website, works completely normal as usual, except for the fact that it does not autostart.

Download and install this setup: AI2 BUNDLE SETUP.exe - Google Drive

make sure you restart

Autostart now. How do I make it not autostart?

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