Auto screen scroll vertically is needed

Hello Everyone

How can i accomplish Auto screen scroll vertically for example for reading let's say like each 2 or 3 seconds it scrolls slowly down a little bit and so on ?

I know i need to use a timer but components & functions are limited , is there any extension to be used to do that ?

thank you all

It's called a marquee, and you can do it with blocks by clipping the front of the .Text value under Clock Timer control.

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Scroll Handler extension and a clock timer.

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This with Move extension.

borr_move_marquee.aia (16.4 KB)


great extension , but there's a bug , if let's say i want to stop scrolling by clicking a button i can't scroll up nor down

is there anyway to fix that [ revert it to old status but with same scroll ] ?

borr_move_marquee2.aia (17.0 KB)

i will try it thank you but i mean [ if you tried to scroll by yourself (not automatically) afterwards it doesn't work ( after you clicked the button try to scroll up by yourself ) ]

for example

( let's say someone clicked the start scrolling button for 2 seconds and y changed , then hit stop , then wanted to scroll up and down manually ( resetting ability to scroll up and down manually to the object after hitting stop )

i hope my point is clear now.

They are already different options than the one indicated in the title of the topic.
Here you have another version, it is not finished, but you can get some idea.

Now you can also scroll with your finger.

borr_move_marquee_v3.aia (17.3 KB)


Your example works fine on the text but when i implement it in my aia file specially copied the blocks for huge text file around 5000 line of text it gets broken [ the manual scroll function then doesn't work at all specially to backwards ( to top ) after i click the stop button ]

This is an example with a file, but with 5000 lines I don't know if it will work.

p194L_MoveMarquee_v3.aia (22.5 KB)

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