Auto Increment numbers

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I have a textbox with participant name, that I write to a file. Is it possible to automatically increment a number in front of the name.
For example:
1, John
3, Peter

Any help is appreciated.

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You mean when you save it as an CSV for instance? Yes that can be done but can you show the blocks you use to save it to a file.

Try something like this:

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Another method:

I am able to create a list like this. But I need to create a list of lists. MEans .. Multiple users create a list each, and the admin needs to see the List of Lists.

How will your numbering work in the list of lists?

1. John
    1. Dog
    2. Cat
2. Peter
    a. Pig
    b. Cow
3. Sue
    4. Hen
    5. Horse


  1. John, 121/3
    1. Item a, Qty x
    2. Item b, Qty y
  2. Peter, 124/2
    1. Item d, Qty n
    2. Item f, Qty n
    3. Itemg, Qty n
  3. Philip, 125/3
    1. Item a, Qty x
    2. Itemb, Qty y

I guess it will depend on how your lists are setup, but here is an example with this list layout:


You should be able to work it out from here on...
(blocks should all be draggable)

The logic is that residents in a society are giving their requirents to an agency providing door stp delivery. So each resident is sending his requirement so that the agency can get a List of Lists.

Once I make a list, in this case 3 items, and save it. The list is saved. When I click on READ LIST, I get the List of 1 user. Thereafter I am STUCK !!

You are storing strings not lists! At least they are comma separated, so you can use the csv list blocks to convert to lists, but then you would need to convert back to a string to save again. For the method i provided it would make sense just to work in lists - e.g do not use the join command to build a string to save.

Ok. Tx.... Will give it a try

Your data structure is very close to that of the Pizza Store test at

Though the Google Sheets blocks are still in development and not available yet, you can still implement using the techniques at

Tx ABG. I already have it working on Google Sheets. The aim was to test out a Cloud Db. Tx for ur response. I have it as 2 different apps. One for placing the demands, and one for recieving the demands. Working flawlessly. Just looking for alternate means of achieving the same thing.