Audio in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plis

My app is getting rejected in the IOS app store connect with this message

"app declares support for audio in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plist, but we are unable to play any audible content when the app is running in the background."

I don't have any audio widgets in my app. the media section only has a "PNG" file and an IOS provisioning file

Thank you

I had the same Apple rejected message in my App. But I have the components Text_to_Voice and Voice_to_Text in my AIA. I had recorded and sent a video to Apple running the App and after with a new review they aprobed this permission. If you have a permission declared on the .plist Apple wants to test it. If you have not any audio component may be @ewpatton can help you.

Post your aia (or send it to me via PM).

I had implemented this to support some apps that needed background audio, but did it in a bit of a lazy way to allow people to test it. Looks like I will need to go back and implement a proper solution.

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In my case, there is no need for audio services. For some reason, the build is probably adding something that looks to the app store that there is a background audio. Is there a setting that I need to turn off? I looked at the project setting and could not find anything.


And again

This isn't fixable on the user side. It's a thing I have to address in the buildserver.

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I took a look at your app and it actually has nothing to do with audio. So a problem that is obviously always generated by the build server regardless of the use of audio components (as @ewpatton said).

Btw, the app icon should have a dimension of 1024x1024 px.


Thanks for the confirmation, @Anke
@ewpatton - any thoughts on when the build server would have the fix?

Thank you

Thanks. I'll do a new build and see if it solves the questions from app store