Arduino Nano HC-06 values not showing

Going straight to the point, i did plenty of tutorial on how to print a arduino VAR into my Appinventor app, one time the label showed question marks symbols "{?}", another time it just showed a blank text and etc.

Now i started all again by doing a simpler tutorial of just showing 1 value to my APP, and now the label doesnt even updates, and it still says connected.

and yes i already investigated on this forum and i found answers, i changed code / wiring, but nothing works

PetHealth.aia (2.9 KB)

this is all the code, i even tried changing the baud rate, for some reason in a tutorial video, it changed the baud rate of the BT to 38400 without even explaining, still with 9600 doesnt work

I would be very thanked if someone can help me, im doing this for a school proyect and i found out this issue :slight_smile:

This is your reception block for Line Feed delimited text:

In case you are getting an empty device list, see

(Canned Response)
These blocks can be dragged into your Blocks Editor to request permission(s) for Bluetooth scanning and connecting. All three parts are needed.

Thanks to @Anke for the original code.
My changes include

  • use of the Screen1 permission blocks to avoid the possibility of a typo
  • using a TinyDB tag particular to BT permissions and only for BT permissions.

Have you consulted these tutorials?

Convert float to String.

String To_App = String(temp, 2) + " C";

I recently used this example and this time the APP crashes (i downloaded the same code and the same app from the example)

If that simple code doesnt work for me, maybe its my HC-06 that is damaged maybe?

I connected the HC-06 RX to my Nano TX, and TX to RX, i even tried D2 as TX and D3 as RX and still doesnt work, the label keeps the same text and then it crashes

I found out the problem, somehow it was the HC-06, i tested with a friends HC-05 and it worked perfectly, thanks for your patience i was sure it wasnt the HC-06 because it still printed values but in question marks like if the baud rate was not synced,.
ty all for your help

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