Aptly 2.0 with GPT-4 in GSoC


I want to create Aptly 2.0 for GSoC 2023.

The Aptly 2.0 could receive voice instructions and check with the user if the Speech2Text was correct. Then, it could create Python code through GPT-4. This can be translated to Blockly through tools such as Blockpy. This can be somehow saved and copied to the backpack. Also, the Designer side could be created - I guess this would be simpler as the Aptly 1.0 should already have it.

Do you think this is a viable long project? If so, what programming skills would this require - Blockly, JS, and Python? What should be the next steps?


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I would recommend against proposing this as a GSOC project. The Aptly project so far has involved multiple people and a lot more time than a single summer's worth of effort.