App's not working in Companion v2.65

I have connected AI2 Companion with my App on Android v7.1. It worked and full screen without any bugs were shown. But in Android 11, The companion connects but shows a blank screen with no screen title. Any ideas on how to solve this?

I am using 2 free extensions, @Taifun Alarm (not the paid Alarm Manager or the full version) and the MyFonts Extension. I won't upload the AIA unless someone tells me to.

Extension versions?

Taifun Alarm version 1
MyFonts version 3

Required permission:
Note: You will have to build the app to be able to test it, because the companion app does not offer the required permission.

Taken from the documentation.

The extension is unused currently.

Is it removed completely from the project, and not listed under the Extensions tab in the Palette? Did you restart the companion?


Only present in Screen1, which does not have any code ther than opening the 'Walk' screen.

Many times.

Remove it completely by clicking on the X icon of the extension in the Palette and restart the companion by exiting and connecting again.

Free or paid version?

Die kostenlose Version läuft auf Version eins.

I deleted it, but:

Mentioned in my 1st post.

I don't understand German yet. I write things with it on my drawings and not in the computer. Please talk in English with me.

Refresh your browser page, exit the companion, and try again.

Disconnect Companion, delete the Companion directory (or at least the folder /assets) from the ASD and try again.

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Anke, your solution didn't work :frowning_face:

What? This didn't do anything also. :frowning_face:

Then follow the old routine. Post your AIA file here.

Post the aia.

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StayHealthy.aia (139.4 KB)

Android 11 - Companion:

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