App's not working in Companion v2.65

Working perfectly fine in Companion running on Android 12 on v.2.65.

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What if you Click 'Walk now' ??
It doesn't work that time.

Yes it does with the Pedometer. How about uninstalling the Companion, refreshing your browser and try again?

Works fine ...


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Pedometer isn't working.

Now the app works but pedometer problem.


Oh. It delays. We also need to fix that.

So the supposed problem with Companion is now solved.
So close the topic.

Will the pedometer not delay with the built apk?

It depends on the brand of the device that you are using. The Pedometer component is using a hardware sensor to sense the moves of your steps. You can set the StopDetectionTimeout property to something smaller, like 1000, to decrease the idle delay between steps.