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I tried to make an app with an extension that must be saved and then read. On SD card it works, but in the internal memory it doesn’t, and to those who don’t have the card it doesn’t work. My question is: what is the complete path with Appinventor files in the internal memory?

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For clarification:

From an Android point of view there are an Internal Storage and an External Storage.

1. Internal Storage
In the Internal Storage, the app package is saved:
/data/data/<app packageName>/
which can only be accessed with a rooted device.

2. External Storage
The root directory of the External Storage is:

2.1. App-specific directory
In addition, there may be an app-specific directory (which can be created with Taifun’s File extension:
/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/<app packageName>/files
which is saved in the External (private) Storage, but does not require READ_ / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions.
This app-specific (private) folder can only be accessed by your app.


2.2. Removable (micro) SD card
There may also be another external storage: a removable (micro) SD card
eg: /storage/82C3-E96C/ that can only be read (on modern Android systems / since KitCat).

Note: The root directory of the External Storage /storage/emulated/0/ is displayed on the device as Internal Storage (unfortunately this is a bit ambiguous).

Here is an excellent overview on this topic:


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Any details about the same question for an ios device?

It seems you're right Anke but some app succed to write (even on Android 10 )on external SD card why did they succed to do it and we can't ?