App with Login i need help

yes i can :grin:

is that all you need

And Are you don't want to add a Register Page ?

I didn't understand the question I'm sorry

the idea is the registration screen
where he registers and logs in (login button)
and he is directed to a new screen

So it is not directed to the login screen again.

Do you want to use firebase?

actually anyone that works
can be firebase tinydbweb

I already tried it with firebase but it has some features that it doesn't have and that it has on the kodular.
then I went back to square one.

That means you want to use Tinywebdb

my whats phone 55 12 981323103

For what :sweat_smile:

whatsapp mey number phone

This tutorial can help you:

nice! i will go again .
i'll see the video and aviso you

And Don't forget to read the description in the tutorial

Here a very simple login/register method using tinywebDB

twdbLogin.aia (4.3 KB)

You will need to setup your own/secure tinywebDB for production purposes.

very nice!!!! thank you!

it Worked!!
Very thanks! you salved me

You're welcome @Danilo_Silva_Lima :wink: :+1:

Greetings TIMAI2, I'm using this file for my project so far it worked exactly as I wanted, however I'm trying to add more fields to it, but it doesn't validate: /
if I add name field for example,
it saves but when logging in it from the invalid user.

It's in this topic here that I created for the problem

It looks like you have mixed two methods.

In the first you have used the email as the tag and password as the value.

In the second you save the email and the password to separate tags.

You will need to select a single method and code your blocks accordingly.

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