App with Login i need help

exemplo de tela

Good morning, I've tried about twenty classes and I can't create an app in the inventor 2 app that makes a simple user registration and login
can someone there help me with some teaching link, or a project file ready for me to import here?

I really need this help already tried several ways and I can't get it to work.

simple login screen
user name

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You Want Offline or online

online, as they will be users who accessed from outside there need online authentication

can you help me ?

yes i can :grin:

is that all you need

And Are you don't want to add a Register Page ?

I didn't understand the question I'm sorry

the idea is the registration screen
where he registers and logs in (login button)
and he is directed to a new screen

So it is not directed to the login screen again.

Do you want to use firebase?

actually anyone that works
can be firebase tinydbweb

I already tried it with firebase but it has some features that it doesn't have and that it has on the kodular.
then I went back to square one.

That means you want to use Tinywebdb

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For what :sweat_smile:

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This tutorial can help you:

nice! i will go again .
i'll see the video and aviso you

And Don't forget to read the description in the tutorial

Here a very simple login/register method using tinywebDB

twdbLogin.aia (4.3 KB)

You will need to setup your own/secure tinywebDB for production purposes.

very nice!!!! thank you!

it Worked!!
Very thanks! you salved me

You're welcome @Danilo_Silva_Lima :wink: :+1: