App to control a electric pusher using MIT

i want to control electric pusher with app , i have created buttons but making blocks are problem for me

Please need guide

Three buttons will be in the app extend , retract and stop
Thank you

If there are any safety issues associated with the "pusher", you may want "Stop" to be called when you release either the "Extend" or "Retract" buttons. You should be able to do this using the touch down and touch up events.

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What do you want to connect to? You have a bluetooth block there so I assume you want to connect it to either an arduino via bluetooth module or an ESP****. It would be good to know. Anyway, you can find BT examples in @Juan_Antonio 's and some other tutorials.

Hello Muhammad

You would benefit greatly if you invested a day with the App Inventor Documentation and the Comunity Tutorials and Guides section.