App that uses your location and does something in the background with it

I don't understand background tasks, pls someone explain them to me as if I were a six year old.

Please explain to us "immediately" :wink: what you plan to do/what your goal is?

Only when we know what you're actually interested in does it make sense to answer a question that might not help you at all (because you might have been looking for something else).


I've been trying the Itoo background tasks extension but I don't really understand how it works. I'm trying to create an app that uses your location and does something in the background with it.
Thank you for your time

Good to know that 7 days means immediately for you. :wink:

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Sorry if it sounded unpleasant, it was not my intention.

Guidelines for using Itoo

  • First get your background functionality running in the foreground. Like this, you can find errors much easier. And as soon as you got it working in the foreground, then test it in the background.
  • Read the complete Itoo to leaarn how Itoo works and try the example projects, See also the battery checker tutorial and notification listener and itoo tutorial .
  • Do not use global variables while in the background, use local variables instead
  • Do not use any user-visible or UI components in the background
  • In the background, use the Itoo StoreProperty/FetchProperty methods rather than TinyDB. TinyDB relies on SharedPreferences which will not ensure data synchronization across background processes.


Thanks, I've been revising the examples and I have a question, can you use the "register event" block in order to use clocks?

Yes you can
See for example the test project I made for @Jeff_Nash


For this purpose you might be interested in