App not installed as package appears to be invalid, TaifunNotificationListener extension

Do you have an new version that works with Android 13 ?

I dont understand what Anke is talking about "de-compiling" etc.

Please advice.

Thank you,


A new version of what? Please elaborate

if I read correctly, the problem is the PushNotification Extension. I am using yours.

Does it work on Android 13 ?


I just removed your PushNotification Extension and i still get "App not installed as package appears to be invalid".

I also use Voice Recorder.

Is there a log file where i can find in this new Android 13 Tablet what the err source is ?



I do not offer any push notification extension...
where did you find that extension? what abour providing a link to that extension?

also it does not look like your question does have anything to do with this thread?
what about describing, what exactly your problem is? see also How to ask a question (open new topic)
also list the extensions you are using and make sure, you are using the latest versions...

see here


Thank you for the tool.

Will post now the ext i got from you to do some sort of Push Notification Alert.

Give me 2 mins.

My problem is that installing my APK on an Android 13 Tablet, I get err:

"app not installed as package appears to be invalid".

The thread talk about Push Notification was removed and the app was able to be installed without any problems.




I guess I confused your ext with Push Notification:

Notification Listener Extension

as already mentioned: use the latest version 2

PS: I moved your contributions into its own thread now...

I'm back on this issue.

I can not install my App on Android 12 and Android 13.

Got the log from adb logcat but i can not tell what the problem/error is:

10-02 20:48:11.198 958 1015 E WindowManager: win=Window{68af8ac u0 EXITING} destroySurfaces: appStopped=false cleanupOnResume=false win.mWindowRemovalAllowed=true win.mRemoveOnExit=true win.mViewVisibility=0$$ExternalSyntheticLambda4.onAnimationFinished:2$getFinishedCallback$0:140

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Carlos Bieberach

what happens if you use the example project?

btw. meanwhile the latest version of the extension is version 3


You sample app worked perfectly in Android 12 and Android 13.

Thank you !!

Next I will verify I am using your latest aix.

Carlos Bieberach

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Any of these i should remove?


So frustrating !!

I am taking everything apart piece by piece and generating new apk after each change.

There has to be a better way

Always use the latest version of any extension
in case you do not use an extension in the project, then it would be wise to remove it...

concerning the wifi extension, you most probably still use an old version... I had to rework that extension completely to still work in newer Android SDKs and converted that extension into a paid extension... see also App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps

what happens? Do you still have a problem with invalid package?
That problem does not seem to be related with the notification listener extension...