App name in Google Play


When upload an .apk with two names, for example My App to Google Play, it appear as myapp without space. May I need to wait directory update?

@daferrub The name of the apk doesn't matter. It is the actual project name that matters. The public will not be shown the apk name or anything about it except for the package name.

Ok, correct, but for what reason when searching in the google play store My App don't show, but if you search as myapp it appear correctly in search results.

If the app just got published then yes, you should wait a day or two for the play store to update. :grinning: :smiley:

Check in your for AppName - here the name you used to open the project is used. If you called your project "myapp" then it will be there and come through to the compiled apk as the App Name. You can change what is in AppName to whatever you want....

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