What is the advantage of this kind of designing?

Hi, I just learned AI2 few months ago. I don't understand why the project, ex. 'copy_1', name will be different from the app name, 'copy' only. I have to modify the app name every time. What is the advantage of this kind of designing? Thanks!

The actual App Name is different from the AppName property. Two of your projects can have the same AppName property but not the same name. As for what's the advantage(s), I'm not really sure there are none, it's just probably there to avoid repetition, especially since App Inventor is based on Java.

Hello, there is one thing what is to say, package name or project name under that there is a app name, which is what the name of app which will be there when we install a app from APK or from play store. APK name is what the name of project and the app name is what will be shown when the app is installed.

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Correct me, if interpreted incorrectly. Thanks

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Thanks for your kindly reply!

I know project and app could have different name. But I couldn't understand why ai2 would allow there is different name of project and app.

I think if you want your app has a name of you like, you should name the project after it at the begin, not modify the app name in the latter. There is different name of them, in the future you maybe need to repair or update your app, then you could be not easy to find where the original project is, unless you set a system to find it. So I don't know what is the advantage of this kind of designing?

By the way, I have a project named notifier, for example. Then I save this project as a new project named slider. You would find that the name of AppName in the properties of slider is notifier.

Don't do that Dick_Liu, All the Component and Block Names, plus Java and Scheme Key names are reserved - not to be used for any other purpose.

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Only when you copy a Project will App Inventor present an increment in the Project Name. This is to safe guard against the calamity of having two Projects of the same name. What you should be doing is exporting your Project to your PC Drive (often) as a Backup - thus keeping the same Project name throughout your development cycle. This is obviously safer than relying on the MIT Servers but the Project Name increment is there for those students that do not have any other means of backup.