App is not responding, close or wait

What android did you test the app on?

There is a bug in AppInventor regarding fonts. The problem seems to be with Android 9 and older.

I now merged the 2 threads as the problem still exists

Try this one:
Mathest_2.aia (5.2 MB)

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The last (new) problem is different, because the app now crashes / quits immediately.

generally you can use Logcat to find out, what is going on


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I improved switching screens and added turning off sounds before switching screens.

Mathest.aia (5.1 MB)

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it's 12

It's working thanks!

It's working too, thank u!

But the font is removed from the assets.

Yes, the font needs to be added. I removed it because I used companion and appinventor has an error with fonts in android9 in which I tested.


But it should work with the compiled app.

Yes, the compiled app works... but it's hard to test the app by compiling the code and installing the app because it takes a few minutes with a small change in the code. So I removed the font to avoid this. Also with his original aia I was getting a weird error about the Default font. As if companion didn't see the font specified as Default. I had to change all the fonts in the labels that were default to others and then back to default.

Yes, but I didn't remove the font and my aia (post #25) shouldn't crash.
Mathest_2.aia (5.2 MB)

You didn't remove it because you didn't test with android 9 like me, so you didn't need it...Yes, you did it better...:grin:

But you removed the icon, which wasn't a problem for me.

I didn't remove anything.

I also tested it on Android 9 (with the APK). There were no problems there either.

(OP: "the installation process worked fine, but the app keeps kicking me out, tried different devices but the problem still exists" (post #19)

It's true, I must have looked wrong. Have you tested the rest of the screens or just the beginning? Because on the other screens when I click different buttons your project still crashes in the APK.
Here is the aia with the font added and not crashing on any screen:
Mathest.aia (5.2 MB)

(The same one I added above, only the font is back.)

I search and find solutions to problems / bugs that are mentioned. I'm not looking for other problems that the user himself isn't even aware of. The first one is time-consuming enough as it is.

I think it's better to help with other issues as well if you see a problem, because in a moment the OP would ask another question that his app still doesn't work, then you will waste another time browsing his app.