App inventor stop 20 establishing secure connection

app inventor stop 20 establishing secure connection
at chrome and firefox
please help me to fix it


MIT had a server hardware failure. While it acquires a new server it is using a temporary solution that frequently becomes overloaded.

A work around is to check the Legacy box on Companion before attempting a connection


Use usb for testing your app

I use Firefox on Ubuntu 20.04. My AI2 hangs with: "Obtaining secure connection (20%)". Is the problem on my Linux box or in the AI2 system?

please help me out man. i got a final year project demonstration tomorrow :sob: :sob: :sob:

@Mick_Hernandez AI Companion fails at 20% loading


it works with use legacy connection option

yes please fix hit not work the firebase too

Thanks Steve,

had the same issue, was driving me crazy. Reporting issues like this would be a good use of the pop up when first loading AI2.

Does legacy load faster? It feels like it does.

It specifies that you are connecting to a localhost app Inventor.

Alle volte però mi capita che si blocca il caricamento..anche selezionando legacy.